Saturday, January 3, 2009

Revenge of the Clutter Bunny

Is there a twelve step program for clutter collectors? If so, I need their contact info, stat! My house is clean(ish), because with two large dogs and a cat, if you don't sweep, vacuum and dust constantly, you can soon start a pet toupee business from all the hair that drifts into the corners of every room. I love a clean bathroom, too, and to sleep on fresh sheets, so I clean those a little more often than most. But clutter seems to be my friend. Teetering stacks of books, both unread and favorites, and just things. I've quit doing new year resolutions, because they always seemed to be the same, with weight loss at the top, followed by writing more and exercising more. I know I have to do those things, so I don't need a resolution to remind me to do them, but I am now resolving to get rid of STUFF. Why do I need entire wardrobes in three different sizes? Why am I keeping my running shoes from college? My daughter's baby dolls (she's fourteen and doesn't want them)?

I'll post my toss-out, eBay, Goodwill triumphs as they happen. My goal is to have a tidy house. My dream is to have one sofa, one bed, one plant, one bookcase. Ha! Like that'll ever happen. Well, it might, in a nursing careful what you wish for, right? And I think I'll pump up the tires on that dusty bike and take it for a spin. Who knows, I might come up with the solution to that plot problem while I'm pedaling around.

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