Monday, November 3, 2008

Rockin' the NaNoWriMo and getting ready to vote

I've been writing like crazy since Saturday. November 1st is the official start of National Novel Writing Month, and I'm determined to finish writing a book before December. So far so good! I've done this before and figure that I can realistically bank only half a book, but it's fun to try for more.

Tomorrow is election day, and figuring that the wait will probably be hours long, I'm trying to decide the best way to get my writing done. I've already ditched the idea of using my digital voice recorder. My neighbors in line would hate me, and I'm not sure I can speak my ideas for some scenes out loud. Not before cocktail hour, anyway.

Another plan would be to take my folding chair and my Alphasmart and write, or use a good ol' pen and paper (maybe I can talk the guy in front of me to serve as my surface. "Just lean forward a little..."). With hours of waiting time, I should definitely get something done! I hate to waste time.

Maybe I'll take one of my unread Harry Potter books. I'm one chapter into the Half Blood Prince. That could be the best solution. I can save my writing for a less, er, vertical time. I'll still bring a legal pad and a good pen. You never know.

Hope everyone who can exercises their right to vote!