Friday, March 4, 2011

Scary leaps and safe landings

I've gotten underway with a new website, built on a Wordpress skeleton. I've given this project a lot of thought, so it should move quickly now that I've actually given my great designer the go-ahead. I think the site looks a little worn, and I've grown accustomed to changing this on the fly on the site I manage at my day job, and wanted the same kind of quick response with my writing site. It's not a risky step, since I know I'll be able to manage the site myself and change content frequently - but will I?

I recall a craft fair I went to once, where a woman had made charming wall decorations. I thought, gee, I could do that, then laughed when I noticed that she'd posted a sign: "You can make this, sure. But will you?" Point taken. I bought two.

Here's hoping I keep my website up, and this blog, which will become a Wordpress blog and attached to the site, will be updated more often than every few months.