Friday, December 26, 2008

The January Contest!

I've got TWO contests for January!

1. A drawing for an autographed copy of LUCKY CHICA. Comment here - what you would do with five million dollars. In the book Rosie wins $600 million. Holy cow, what couldn't you do with that? Five million is a little more restricted. For instance, you could make five people millionaires. Or rather, four others. You wouldn't want to exclude yourself, would you? I have five autographed copies of LUCKY CHICA to give away, and if you're outside of the continental US, I'll send it via Amazon gift certificate with a signed bookplate. Drawings will be held February 1.

2. A "grow my email list" contest. Ask friends to send their email address as well as yours (or who referred them) to, and both names will be entered to win a $10 Amazon gift certificate.

And if you include mailing addresses, I'll send an autographed bookplate to everyone who replies. One drawing for the contest will be held February 1. For security's sake, please do not post your email and mailing addresses here!


Mrs. V said...

First I would be able to temporarily stop working and have a means to support my family while being able to do a Doctorate program. Then I would use the rest to start my own Spanish-English dual immersion K-12 school. Any leftovers would go to a college scholarship fund.

Berta said...

You are so smart! Planning for a future and helping others, instead of thinking shoes and yachts!

While researching big time lottery winners and financial experts, I learned that people do really crazy stuff with their winnings. It's like they go temporarily insane, then wake up and find they're poor again. The "experts" do say that you should use 10% for fun stuff, then carefully plan what to do with the rest.

Amber said...

If I had 5 million dollars, I would use it to fund my college education. I would use some of it to treat my mom to a vacation in Tuscany, which has always been a dream of hers. I would put 2 million away in the bank for future needs. And I would donate the rest to an environmentalist charity - which one is a question I would have to do a little more research to answer. I would be so thrilled to win an autographed copy of Lucky Chica!! Please enter me and thanks for the giveway :)