Saturday, May 10, 2008

Two brains are definitely better than one

Just finished a marathon writing session with my friend and young adult fiction co-author, Michelle Roper. We're putting the finishing touches on the third book in our YA urban fantasy trilogy and as usual, when we're in the same room we're struck with ideas, look at each other, eyes wide, then high five and snoopy dance. 

Today was no different. As we sorted out a little bit of neglected world-building, we were hit with an idea for another book. We're on a pretty tight deadline, because we've got to allow time for another thorough reading of the manuscript before we ship it off to our editor, but this idea, like all its predecessors, took off turbo style.  Before five minutes had passed we had the protagonist nailed down, as well as the major conflict, three important characters to interact and cause mischief, and the setting. This does not normally happen in real life.

Michelle is an Alka Seltzer of ideas. Just add water and stand back as the fizzy effect explodes. Being in the same room with her ignites my idea fuse, too. Now if only we had time to write all of these awesome stories...

But that's another blog entry.